Hello everyone, Today I’m going to tell you about fashion design illustration for beginners…Before doing fashion illustration, we need to know that it is important to learn how to make curve and lines, after that there is negative and positive space and then pencil shading, all three of us have to use it first in fashion illustration.

Lines And Curves :

This topic deals with step by step in guidance with drawing free hand lines and Curves without using a ruler which will result in interpreting ideas with beautiful designs and motifs. Learners will be able to draw lines and Curves free hand and get acquainted with the basic of illustration.

Fashion design illustration for beginners


  • Draw lines without using scale
  • Sketch curved lines free hand
  • Interpret curved lines creatively

Material Required For Fashion Design Illustration :

  1. Sketch Book
  2. Pencil
  3. Eraser
  4. Sharpener

Working Principle :

  • A basic hand stroke is all about drawing lines curves without using a scale.
  • When you try to draw any form without using lines or curves you realise that no object can be drawn without a line or curve.
  • Horizontal, vertical, diagonal and zigzag lines are used in interpreting ideas in the form of a design. Practice or free hand strokes enhances wrist movements while illustrating and also boosts the level of confidence in sketching.
  • Through this may sound very simple and not worth practicing, going forward you will realise this skill to be great use.Ease with free hand lines and curves come very handy while explaining a design to the client with a quick sketch.

Method And Directions For Drawing Free Hand Lines :

It requires practice to master the art of drawing straight line without using a ruler,hence fill at least a couple of pages with lines of your choice. If you have difficulty in drawing, begin with marking dots or hyphens at equal intervals and connect them to form lines.

Methods And Directions For Drawing Curves :

Draw curves in different directions and in continuous wave form as well. It is important to draw a curves or lines at one go without lifting the pencil in order to maintain continuity. Notice that a gradual ease develops in your wrist movements while sketching after a through practice of curves.

Fashion design illustration for beginners

Positive And Negative Space And Pencil Shading :

Positive Negative Space :

Two basic guidelines are all you need when it comes to drawing. The first, focus on the subject of the drawing is known as positive space. The second, the surrounding area other than the subject, is known as the negative space.

Fashion design illustration for beginners


At the end of this session, learn to

  • Comprehend the Positive and Negative space in an image.
  • Relate to the concept while balancing the composition of positive and negative space of an image.
  • Draw several images free hand depicting positive and negative space.

Material Required For Fashion Design Illustration :

  1. Sketch book
  2. Eraser
  3. Drawing pencils- HB, 2B,4B and 6B
  4. Sharper
  • Understanding the positive and Negative space helps adding depth to your drawings.
  • Every positive shape complements a negative space in a sketch. This contributes towards a successful depiction of the subject design.
  • Every drawing has three basic components
  1. Positive
  2. Negative
  3. The frame or border

Positive Space :

What you need to know about positive space is that it refers to the ‘space of a space ‘ that represents the subject matter. The space highlighting your subject is considered positive and also captures your vision. Try to identify the positive space in the following image to understand the concept.

  • The positive space is subject outlined and is surrounded by black. The positive space is the subject darkened with outlined border. It is essential to understand the concept of positive and negative space to organize all elements in a sketch. Imagine a drawing where there are more than one subjects separated by space. All the subjects are positive spaces and thus, a relationship needs to be established between them because they simply cannot coexist without connect.

Negative Space :

  • The space around and between the subject matter, is what we all Negative space. When the focus is on anything else other than the subject, it is negative. Take a look at the image above, you will notice the negative space.
  • It is but natural that our focus is an the subject while drawing. However, the role played by the negative space or the space surrounding several subjects in the above image, is equally important. The negative space in between the subjects the horseman,trees,shrubs and the ground only add to the image.

Pencil Shading :

Pencil Shading can take your drawing to another level. This lesson is all about how to bring perspective and depth to the simplest of drawings.


Learn the

  • Importance of shading for illustrations.
  • Identifying source of light.
  • Gradation of shading.

Material Required For Fashion Design Illustration :

  1. Sketch book
  2. Eraser
  3. Drawing pencil- B,2B,4B,6B
  4. Sharpener
  5. Cotton or tissue paper to help in shading

Pencil shading is a major segment in drawing. It enhances the visual depiction of an image. Generally, drawing is achieved with an aid of light source focusing and highlighting the object (like shading portions). Once the light source is identified the shading can be done in any form without any restrictions. Shading gives a drawing/diagram a realistic effect and results in the best illustrations.

Gradation Of Shades In Fashion Design Illustration :

Using different pencils, varied proportions of shading can be achieved. The darker shade and lighter shade in the image above clearly indicates to what extent the shading can be done. Once again the type of pencil used for drawing and finishing the shades is important.

Fashion design illustration for beginners

Description :

6B pencil is used for thick darkening and that of normal HB for light shading.

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