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Fashion may be a style or trend of something, especially clothing. It is additionally the overall conventions of politeness that society confirms to or an attitude or manner. It also can mean to make something.That means a well-liked trend or a method , especially when it involves clothing.

A book that contains an inventory of words during a language within the order of the alphabet which tells you what they mean, within the same or another language.which is called dictionary. Let see the contents of this fashion dictionary…

Fashion illustration dictionary, The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design


Adobe illustrator : An object-oriented (or vector) digital computer package.

Adobe photoshop : A bitmap (or raster) digital computer package.

Apparel : Apparel is just another word for what you wear. Apparel means something that ornaments or covers. It can also mean superficial appearance and can be used for clothing. For example one can say, we are looking at the various blank apparels to use for printing or embroidery projects.


Bespoke : Individual made-to-measure tailoring for men’s suits.

Bodice : The fitted part of a dress that extends from the waist to the shoulder. A woman’s laced outer garment, worn like a vest over a blouse.

Boutique : French word for an independent,usually small,store with unique stock and atmosphere.

Brainstorming : Open discussion among colleagues or to introduce new ideas and concepts.

Brand : A name or trademark used to identify a product and denote quality,value, or a particular character.

Buyer : The person responsible for planning & managing the buying and selling of merchandise.


Capsule collection : A small range of styles with a special purpose or impact.

Classic : A term for a style that remains constantly popular and changes very little in details e.g. men’s shirt,jeans.

CMYK palette : A shortened term for cyan,magenta, yellow and black (the last ‘K’ abbreviation used to avoid confusion with blue), the link colours used for printing.

College : The art of making pictures by sticking clothes, pieces of paper, photographs, and other objects onto a surface.

Colour Forecasting : The prediction of future colour trends by analysing data from trade shows etc.

Colour palette : A limited selection of linked colours used in fashion design & illustration.

Colourway : The limited range of colours that a style of garment, or a collection, may be offered in; which a printed textile is available.

Composition : The way in which the parts of something are arranged,especially the elements in a visual image.

Conjure : To charge or entreat earnestly or solemnly.

Contemporary : Distinctly modern and in existence now.

Contour : An outline representing or bounding the shape or form of something.

Co-ordinates : Fabrics or items of clothing that relate in colour or style and can be worn together.

Costing : The base price of the garment,determined by the materials,trimmings,labour,and transportation. An illustration might accompany a costing.

Couturier : French word for fashion designer.

Critique/Critic : Discussion and evaluation of work often held as a group session at the end of a project or assignment.

Fashion illustration dictionary, The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design


Degree Show : The exhibition of work which is assessed to ascertain a student’s degree classification.

Depicts : Represent by a drawing,painting, or other art form.

Design board : A visual presentation board in a portfolio that represents a final design.

Design developments : Drawings that progress through desirable or successful elements within a design theme.

Diffusion line : A secondary, usually lower-priced garment line that allows consumers on a budget to buy into the designer look.

Digital imagery : The process of transforming or altering a digital image by manipulating on the computer.

Digital portfolio : Examples of artwork saved digitally to be emailed or put on compact disks to post to prospective employers.

Draping : A process of creating a fashion style or pattern by manipulating fabric on a body or dress form.


Editorial : An article in a newspaper or magazine that expresses the opinion of its editor or publisher.

Embellishment : The adding of ornaments or decorations to something such as a garment, or accessory such as a bag or item of footwear, to make it more interesting.

Embroidery : Decorative stitching which will be produced by hand or machine, during a range of various sorts of thread.

Emphasis : Special forcefulness of expression that gives importance to something singled out.

Exhibition : A public display, usually for a limited period of a collection of works of art.

Fashion illustration dictionary, The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design


Fashion cycle : The calendar period by which a company will plan,design,make,and market its ranges.

Final collection : The last college collection before graduation.

Flair : Stylishness and originality.

Flare : Gradually become wider at one end.

Flapper : A young woman of the 1920S who disdained prior conventions of decorum and fashion.


Glossies : The high-quality magazines.

Gradation : The completion of a course of academic study.

Gradation exhibition : A display of graduates work visited by potential employers.

Grain : The direction of a fabric’s threads. Fabric may be cut along a straight grain or on the bias, which gives it a draping, figure-hugging quality that may be emphasized in a drawing.


Handwriting signature : A personal design style,design features or way of drawing.

Haute couture : French term for a highest quality of dress making refers to the creation of exclusive custom fitted clothing.


Illustration agent : A company  which will represent and promote the work of an illustrator.




Label : This term is sometimes used anonymously with logo, but is also used to describe the tag which identifies the designer or manufacturer and the origin.

Light box : A device with an illuminated surface that can be used for tracking an image.

Line-up : A preview of toiles or finished garments on models to determine the balance, range,and order of a collection. A line-up can also be illustrated and presented in a portfolio.

Fashion illustration dictionary, The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design


Mac : A shortened term for an Apple Macintosh computer.

Mood board : A presentation board that shows the overall concept and direction of a design collection. It captures the style and theme for a set of designs by displaying defining images, fabrics & colours that are influential in the design process.




Perceive : Interpret or regard (someone or something) in a particular way.

Pret-a-porter : In French “ready-to-wear” a term used for better quality designer separates; also the name of a major fashion exhibition.

point : Different ranges of price indicate quality and market level, e.g. budget,designer, and luxury. An illustrator’s specification drawings assist in establishing a price point.

Primary colours : Primary colours are red,blue, and yellow. These colours are pure- you can’t create them from other colours and all other colours are created from them.

Proportion : A principle of fashion design,in fashion illustration it also relates to the comparative size and shape of different elements of the human body.

Psychedelic : A term often used to describe distorted or wildly colourful artwork that resembles images that may be experienced by somebody under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug.

Fashion illustration dictionary, The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design


Quilting : A quilter is the name given to someone who works at Quilting. Quilting can be done by hand,by sewing machine, or by a specialist longarm quilting system.


Rendering : Rendering in visual art and technical drawing (the process of formulating, adding colour, shading, and texturing of an image)

Ruffle : Ruffle is a strip of fabric, lace or ribbon tightly gathered or pleated on one edge and applied to a garment, bedding, or other textile as a form of trimming or decoration.


Shirring : Shirring consists of two or more rows of gathered fabric. Shirring can be a pretty and feminine alternative to darts in small areas of a garment.Shirring works best on soft fabrics but can also done on stronger fabrics.

Specification drawings : A design drawing annotated with measurements and manufacturing details, such as the stitching and trimming that are to be used in manufacturing a garment.

Stories : Design themes comprising fabric, colour or style associations that are used within a particular collection.

Storyboard : Also known as a theme board, this is a presentation of the concept for a collection with a detailed breakdown of styles and coordinates.

Stylist stylization : A fashion expert who prepares fashion items for photographs or presentations.


Tear sheets : Also known as swipes,these are pictures lifted from magazines etc. that are used as initial inspiration or corroboration for a concept, not to copy.

Tertiary colours : Colours made by mixing a primary colour with its adjacent secondary colour.

Theme : A unifying image or concept that, in fashion design or illustration, appears repeatedly.




Waistband : A band of material encircling and fitting the waist of a garment, such as trousers or a skirt.



Yarns : Yarns are used to make fabrics and are made by twisting or otherwise binding fibres together.

Fashion illustration dictionary, The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design



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