Hello everyone, today I am going to tell you about the famous Patta Saree of odisha…Let’s know history of patta sarees, what is silk sarees, different types of patta sarees….


Berhampur is one of the biggest cities of Odisha..Berhampur is called for designed silk saree and handloom cloth and hence is known as the “silk city”

History Of Patta Sarees:

Berhampuri patta (phoda kumbha) saree and joda facts from GI(Geographical indications)..

  • Berhampur patta was introduced at Berhampur town in 14th century AD by the Mohuri kings..It is known as ‘silk city ‘ for its pure silk weaves..
  • Earlier there used to be over 500 weaving families of Berhampuri silk.. However, now there are just about fifty weaving families remaining, who still carry on the phodo kumbha weaving, done with much precision and silk..

What Is Silk Saree?

The Berhampuri silk saree is different due to its odissi style of weaving and kumbha,phoda,temple type design..

  • The Zari work border design is unique from others.
  • The weaving technique is said to have originated over 200years ago.
  • The sarees were known to be exported to southeast Asian and other countries through the gopalpur port in the days of history.
  • The sarees also embellish of jagannath, balabhadra and Subhadra at the jagannath temple in Puri.
  • The sarees also embellish of jagannath, balabhadra and Subhadra at the jagannath temple in Puri.
  • Berhampur Patta sarees are sell out cooperative societies and BOYANIKA..
  • These are three weavers cooperative societies in the Berhampur town.
  • They sell products worth RS 1.50 crore to 2 crore annually.
  • They have own website for marketing and also some main online shopping sites are permit online orders for these fabric products.
  • Brahamapur patta saree is registered under the Geographical Indication (GI) Act by Government of India.
  • The “sari” meant for women and the “joda” meant for men. For this famous silk work Brahamapur is also called as silk city of India.
  • Most of these sarees almost all varieties of silk sarees such as Banarasi, kanjeevaram,mysore silk etc.

Different Types Of Patta Sarees:


1-Phoda Kumbha:

Phoda Kumbha is a beautiful sarees woven by our skilled weavers from Odisha.

  • The border has Kumbha also known as temple border that are much more clear with sharp end.
  • Sarees from Odisha are usually anything between 5.40 to 5.45 meters .
  • Those thick silks have a relatively plain body but features stunning hand-interlocked temple (phodo kumbha) borders decorated with Zari threads.

2-Double Anchal Berhampuri Patta sarees:

The double border off Berhampuri patta sarees is not just strikingly beautiful but also uniquely made by the weavers of Ganjam.

  • It’s an elaborate process which take over 20days to hand weave one such sarees..
  • Let it be an Odia marriage, thread ceremony or any festival.
  • This Berhampuri patta is propitious and holds high cultural and holy value.
  • It comes with a blouse piece. Length-5.5 metres ,width 47inches.

3- Khandua Silk Saree:

  • Khandua silk Saree has a plain body or small flower motifs across the body with contrast borders and Palu Motifs like a star, temple conch, rudraksha, fish, chakra, lotus, swan, peacock, parrot, dear, elephant, lion, the dance of devdashi and different types of scenarios are shown in a khandua saree
  • Khandua Pata Saree is from Cuttack and Maniabandha, the other two names given to Khandua Silk Sarees is Kataki or Maniabandhi saree.
  • Jayadeva the great poet of the 12th century offered his ‘Gitagobinda’ to Lord Jagannath by way of fabrics.
  • The saree can be seen being used by almost all the Odissi dancers who have represented the dance in India


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